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In the early 80's life was a breeze and second hand scooters could be found for as little as £30, but times have changed. Fast forward to today and the prices paid for classic scooters have increased dramatically making it increasingly hard to find that perfectly priced, ‘pride and joy’.
This is a brand new web site that is dedicated to you - the scooterist. This site will allow a new approach to the sale and purchase of scooters and scooter parts for prices that you feel are fair. The site covers all scooters and our database is simply set out with listings for Lambretta, Vespa, ‘Twist & Go’s’, as well as a vast range of spare parts. This service is free at the point of entry. We realise that it’s easy to stick your scooter onto an auction site, but are you really getting what you want? Many feel these sites fail to impress as a service provider, are costly and, often, are not fit for purpose.


First and foremost every one that advertises there Scooter with us, gets a free listing strait off. This free listing will give you one week basic listing which consists of one picture of your Scooter/parts and full information insertion. You can choose two relevant categories to place your listing in. After you have registered and placed your listing you will be given the option to upgrade your listing to one of our comprehensive listing to increase your visualization of your sale if you require.

Upgrade packages

Bronze £8.00 for one month
Silver £15.00 for one month
Gold £18.00 for one month

We also have comprehensive Trade Packages.


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